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Bonjour et Bienvenue! The Skype French lessons offered by Online-French-Lessons.net offers students around a the world a convenient way of taking French lessons online from the comfort of their homes and offices on their own schedules. All of our teachers are native French speakers with extensive experience in teaching French as a second language. All have been fully trained on how to use Skype to give are ready to give affordable lessons to students all over the world. In addition to speaking French all all our teachers also speak at least 1 other language, so they have experience being students as well as teachers. You can start learning French from home today. À bientôt!

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Do you speak French Ask if you speak French or English - Audio

Welcome to Online-French-Lessons.net's free online French Audio lessons. In this exersize you can see how effective a combination of audio and written lectures can be to learn French. If you are interested in continuing in your French learing, free free to sign up for one hour of free French lessons with one of our professional French teachers to make your dream of speaking French come true!

Ask do you speak English in French How it Works

To learn how to say Do you speak in French do the following. First, listen to the free French Audio below all the way through. Then, play it again and read along with the text below.

Just Click Play To Start

After listening to this free French audio lesson on Do you speak in French, listen to the audio again and read along with the text below.

Just repeat this process as many times as necessary to learn it!

French Nationalities How to ask if someone speaks English in French - Lecture

In this lesson you will learn how to ask somebody if they speak French or English and some basic phrases for language difficulties. Listen and repeat.

Parlez-vous français?
Parlez-vous français?
Par-lay voo frahn-say?
Can you speak English?
Parlez-vous l'anglais?
Par-lay voo l'ahng-lay?
I speak a little.
Je parle un peu.
Zhuh pahrl uhn pew
You are speaking too fast.
Vous parlez trop rapidement.
Voo par-lay troh rah-peed-munh
Speak slowly please.
Parlez lentement s'il vous plait.
Par-lay lun-tuh-munh seel-voo-play
Repeat please?
Répéter s'il vous plaît?
Ray-pay-tay seel-voo-play
I understand.
Je comprends.
Zhuh com-pruhn
I cannot understand.
Je ne comprends pas.
Zhuh nuh com-pruhn paw

Now you'll learn some answers for finding directions in French:

It's far.
C'est loin.
Say lowahn
It's close.
C'est proche.
Say prohsh
Go straight.
Allez tout droit
Allay tou drwah
It's to the left.
C'est à la gauche.
Say ah lah gohsh
It's to the right.
C'est vers la droite
Say ver lah drwat

Congratulations and félicitations! You've reached the end of this lesson! Merci and Au Revoir!

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Enjoy your Skype French lessons from your home or office!

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